10 Best Places to Eat in Amritsar

Are you feeling hungry and wanna taste some amazing Punjabi Food? I know your answer, it’s Yes! So, I came up with the best places to eat in Amritsar Punjab for you.

Amritsar is one of the best tourist cities in Punjab and has the best places to visit for its food, taste, culture, and many more amazing things. It’s one of the religious cities of Punjab.

Famous Places to Eat in Amritsar

Amritsar is very famous for its street food. I’ll try my best to provide complete information about famous street food in Amritsar, especially with Budget details. So, let’s jump into it and find the best veg and non-veg street food in Amritsar.

Best Places to Eat in Amritsar

Why Amritsar is so famous for its Food?

Amritsar is the best tourist place in Punjab. there are many places to visit and explore in Amritsar. some of them are the Golden Temple, Jallianwala Bagh, Indian Wagah Border, etc.

Amritsar has the best food to eat in India and therefore it is the culinary capital of India. If you love authentic and traditional; food Amritsar could be the best place for you. People in Amritsar love to eat street food rather than big joints.

We have explored the top 10 street food places for you.

Kesar Da Dhaba

How one can forget to eat at Kesar Dhaba while on a visit to Amritsar? It is one of the oldest food corners in the town with a history of more than 100 years.

Here you get the original, traditional, and authentic lachha parantha with Maa di daal and shahi paneer. A unique desert called Firni is also very famous in this place.

Kulcha Land

Amritsar is also famous for tandoori kulchas. Some of the best shops are on Ranjeet Avenue and Lawrence Road. It is served with butter and Lassi.

The Kulcha is made up of maida roti, filled with a mixture of spicy potatoes, onions, cauliflower, etc. It is served with desi ghee or butter. It is best suited with chole, raita, and pickles. Eat your kulcha with a glass of lassi, your whole meal will be taken care of.

Langar ka Prasad

Golden Temple has the world’s largest free kitchen. Here the devotees prepare food for all other people. They prepare and serve simple food like dal, roti, sabzi, and kheer.

You can’t miss the kara prasad of the Golden Temple as it is made in desi ghee. The feeling of spirituality can be felt in the langar which also enhances the taste of the food.

Surjeet Food Plaza

10 Best Places to Eat in Amritsar

Surjeet Food Plaza serves some of the best kababs in India and has been situated on Lawrence Road for over seventy years. For the non-veg foodies, it is the best place to eat in Amritsar.

Some of the famous dishes of this are shammi kabab and mutton tikka. There is a special recipe in which the first tikka is cooked in tandoor and then sauteed at tawa in desi ghee added with some masala which is a secret.

Bhrawan Da Dhaba

This is the best restaurant in Amritsar. It is located at Hall Bazaar Road and is very famous among all the tourists in Amritsar. Here are numerous things you can get from paranthas, dal makhani to chole puri, etc. I am sure you will be licking your hands after visiting this place.

Ahuja Milk Bhandar

You can’t spend a whole day in Amritsar without lassi. Punjab is the home to lassis and while in Punjab you can’t miss lassis. Ahuja milk bhandar is claimed to be the best place for lassi in Amritsar.

It is located close to Hindu College and Durgiana Temple and serves lassi in different flavors.

Pal Da Dhaba

This place located at Hathi Gate can’t be missed if you are looking for the best street food in Amritsar. It is very famous for its iconic kharode ka shorba. It is a typical dhaba only 1 km away from Golden Temple. They offer rich Punjabi traditional food.

Friends Dhaba

10 Best Places to Eat in Amritsar

Friends Dhaba is located at Queens Road and is heaven for people who prefer to eat stuffed kulcha with gravy and a lot of butter. The keema kulcha is very famous which is crispy outside and spicy inside. The kulchas are very mouthwatering and quickly disappear when it comes into the mouth.

Beera Chicken House

Beera Chicken House is the home to the best non-veg food in Amritsar. This place is like heaven for non-veg lovers. Their tandoori chicken is very famous all over the Amritsar.

They offer a wide range of varieties on their menu. They provide the best quality of food at a reasonable price. Just a few steps away there is another non-veg corner Makhan Fish. They both are located at Majitha Road and will change your perspective about Tandoori chicken.

Jalebi From Gurudas Ram

If you are eager to fulfill your wish to eat a sweet Dish then you are on the right track. Your Meal cannot be completed without a sweet dish especially not in Punjab.

When you are in Amritsar you have to try the jalebis, licked in the pure desi ghee. The Jalebis are very Hot, crisp delicious. It is the best place to eat the sweet dishes in Amritsar.


Amritsar is the best city to visit because of its diversity and simplicity. It has many places to eat and enjoy. I hope you liked the post and got an answer to your query. For feedback comment on my post.

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