Are you looking for the best eye hospitals in Chandigarh? Don’t worry you will get the best treatment for your eye in Chandigarh.

The eye is the most important and vital organ in the body, thus if it is ailing in any way, you should seek immediate advice from an eye specialist.

Please continue reading to learn more about where to find the best eye care hospital in Chandigarh as we discuss the best eye hospitals in Chandigarh.

Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh
Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

A large pool of applicants has been narrowed down based on patient happiness, therapy, and results. Also, there are many government eye hospital in Chandigarh.

Each year, many people experience eye conditions that might result in more significant problems including vision loss.

The eye doctors in Chandigarh are some of the most knowledgeable and skilled in the nation and the globe.

Based on our study, which looked at business age, trust, reputation, excellence, quality of services, customer happiness and their feedback, price, and value for money, all of the eye hospitals mentioned below are compared to be the Most Authentic.

Recognizing and Treating Eye Symptoms: When to Seek Help

You must check with an ophthalmologist or eye expert if you suffer any strange or chronic eye issues.

Eye symptoms may be a sign of a number of underlying diseases or problems that need to be assessed and treated by a specialist.

The following are some typical eye symptoms that should trigger a visit to an eye doctor:

  • Blurry Vision
  • Eye Pain
  • Redness
  • Itching or Burning
  • Sensitivity to Light
  • Gradual Peripheral Vision Loss
Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh
Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

It’s important to speak with an eye doctor if you notice any of these symptoms. Early detection and treatment can save your eyesight and help you avoid more serious eye conditions.

Additionally, it’s a good idea to undergo frequent eye exams if you have a family history of eye diseases in order to identify any possible issues early.

Top 10 Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

You may select the very best eye hospital in Chandigarh from our list of the top 10 top-rated eye hospitals in Chandigarh by keeping in mind patient happiness and the qualifications of the ophthalmologists.

1. Advance Eye Care Center PGI

Every day of the week save Sundays, the department runs OPD. There are nine (9) special clinics there that operate on specific days.

From EYE OPD, patients are sent to Special Clinic OPD. The Advanced Eye Centre’s fourth floor houses the department’s primary Operation Theatre (OT), while the bottom floor has its emergency OT. The department handles both major and minor ophthalmic operations of every kind.

For a variety of ophthalmic tests and procedures, the department maintains its own laboratories. The eye specialist in Chandigarh PGI is here and offers a great service.

Modern equipment including a femtosecond laser, OCT angiography, microscopes with built-in OCT and Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA), HD Nasal Endovision system, RetCam for pediatric fundus imaging, etc. are available in the department.

Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

Advance Eye Care Center PGI address: Sector 12, next to PEC, Chandigarh\

2. Grover Eye Laser Hospital

A reputable hospital in Chandigarh, Grover Eye Laser & ENT Hospital, provides the whole spectrum of the most advanced and thorough sub-specialty eye care.

Excimer Laser, PRK, LASIK, LASEK, Epi-LASIK, TOPO, CONTOUR LASIK, and CONTOUR ASA for removing Glasses are being offered at the facility for the first time in the area.

Grover Eye Laser & ENT Hospital is renowned for providing top-notch eye treatment using state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled medical professionals from prestigious institutes.

It can’t be excluded from the list of top 10 eye hospital in Chandigarh. The Grover Eye Hospital reviews are also very satisfactory.

Grover Eye Laser Hospital Address: Chandigarh, 160022 Sector 35A, 140, Sector 35 Market Rd, Sector 35.

3. Mirchia Laser Eye Clinic

Mirchia’s Laser Eye Clinic has been in operation since 1989 and specializes in laser vision correction.

The institution was established with the intention of offering both in-town and out-of-town clientele a wide variety of ophthalmic services.

The area was picked since it was close to the Chandigarh ISBT, and the interior design of the building was meant to create a comfortable and friendly ambiance.

Mirchia’s Laser Clinic, one of the few elite eye clinics in Chandigarh, has been listed among the finest in the city.

Dr. Mirchia, the head of this clinic, has received positive feedback from many of his patients. Along with providing excellent customer service, they also take a very practical approach to running their firm.

Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

Mirchia Laser Eye Clinic Address: Sector 22-A, Opposite Parade Ground, Chandigarh, SCO 833-834

4. Grewal Eye Institute

A hospital’s operations should demonstrate how it produces, achieves, and provides value to its patients, employees, and community.

A patient rates it based on how easily, affordably, and conveniently he can use the hospital’s services.

This is something that GREWAL EYE INSTITUTE is aware of and regards as the basis of all plans, executions, and deliveries. All forms of eye problems can be accurately diagnosed by them.

Through a variety of specialized clinics, including Phaco, Lasik, Retina, Squint, Cornea, Diabetic, Glaucoma, Laser, and Contact lens clinics, they incorporate the experience and investigative resources in an optimal way to determine the cause of disease and prescribe the most effective method of treatment for various eye disorders.

When recommending contact lenses, glasses, sunglasses, and other items, the aesthetics are considered in addition to the therapeutic treatment.

Grewal Eye Institute Address: Chandigarh, 160009; Grewal Eye Institute, SCO 168-169, Sector 9C

5. INSCOL Hospital

INSCOL Hospital effectively manages a wide range of illnesses, including eye problems such as cataracts, cornea, hypermetropia, myopia, retina, and glaucoma. The hospital can better serve its patients if it has the most modern equipment available.

Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

You’ll feel completely at home thanks to the friendly surroundings and helpful staff. One of the greatest eye care facilities in the city is found at Inscol Hospital in Chandigarh.

It is also one of the best cancer hospitals in Chandigarh.

INSCOL Hospital Address: SCO 18-19, Dakshin Marg, Sector 34A, Chandigarh

6. Nimbus Eye Center

One of the best eye hospitals in Chandigarh is Nimbus Eye Centre, which takes pleasure in its distinction. Because of its location in Chandigarh, it has excellent access to the rest of the city.

This clean facility has developed a reputation for doing eye operations. For the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems, they employ cutting-edge technology and trained medical experts.

People have the option of choosing routine eye exams or specialist treatment. The team is kind and skilled at providing patients with exceptional treatment.

Nimbus Eye Center Address: Chandigarh, Sector 44D, Sco 359 – 360, First Floor, Chandigarh, 160044, India

7. Neeraj Eye Hospitals

In order to offer Chandigarh inhabitants the greatest eye treatment options, this facility was founded in 2003.

However, due to its superior service, patients from neighboring states frequently go here for care. It has grown to become one of Chandigarh’s top-eye hospitals.

Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

An electronic patient monitoring system is available at day surgery facilities, and it will be able to spot even the smallest eye issues. You might think of this as a great place to get your troubles treated.

Neeraj Eye Hospital Address: Sector 36-D, Near the Post Office, Chandigarh, 160036, SCO-226, Ground Floor

8. Ayu Health Hospital

One of Chandigarh’s top eye hospitals, Ayu Health Hospitals has been providing care to the local population since 2002.

It is a fully equipped eye care facility with a focus on treating diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and glaucoma.

Ayu has a group of highly skilled medical professionals that also provide specialty services including Laser Surgery and Lasik procedures.

Ayu Health Hospital Address: Sector 22A, Sector 22, Chandigarh, 160022, SCO 833-834

9. Ashok Sharma’s Cornea Centre

An eye care facility run by the best and most knowledgeable ophthalmologists in India, including the director Dr. Ashok Sharma (Senior Cornea Consultant).

They provide care for conditions related to Cornea, Cataract, Glaucoma, Retina, Squint, and Oculoplasty.

Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

Here, all corneal issues are effectively addressed with the use of cutting-edge scientific equipment.

With the goal of enhancing the eyesight of individuals with visual impairments, skilled doctors also treat other eye conditions.

People from both urban and rural locations can use this facility. Online appointment scheduling is available.

Ashok Sharma Cornea Centre Address: Sector 22A, Near Bus Stand, 2nd Floor, SCO 833–834, Chandigarh, 160022

10.  Virdi Eye Hospital

Dr. Devinder Singh Verdi is an experienced ophthalmologist with a lengthy career. He runs a cutting-edge eye center in the city and is one of the top five eye physicians in Chandigarh.

Dr Devinder Singh Virdi has a practice in the heart of Chandigarh and is an expert in identifying eye conditions. His eye clinic is completely up-to-date and treats patients using tried-and-true techniques.

Virdi Eye Hospital Address: Virdi Eye Hospital, Chandigarh, Sector 34A, SCO 226, 227.


If you have any eye-related problems and are looking for a top eye specialist in Chandigarh, this list will be helpful.

These Chandigarh eye doctors have a lengthy track record of achievement and are well-known and well-respected.

Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh
Best Eye Hospitals in Chandigarh

If you encounter any eye-related issues, it is advised that you seek treatment at one of these Chandigarh eye hospitals. You may reach us by calling us directly or by completing the contact form.

I hope you liked the top 10 best eye hospitals in Chandigarh and got the answer to your query. For feedback comment on my post.

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